Performance Based Facebook Ads (Without The Risk)

Performance Based Facebook Ads (Without The Risk)

The 3 BIG Mistakes With Facebook Ads Agencies That We FIX

Newest FB Ads Cleint$9K In 6 Days (3)

But first, how we got our latest client $9000 in sales in 6 days in his first week. 

We have a life coach that had been really  struggling for months with the number and quality of leads.

He has been through 2 other agencies and neither could get him the leads he needed.

We took a deep dive into his data, identified some trends and patterns and switched some winners back on.

While we did that we conducted customer research into his customers wants, fears, pains and desires.

A few tweaks and a lot of experienced decisions and BOOM!! $9K in 6 days!

Here's the 3 BIG Mistakes you want to avoid...

❌ BIG Mistake #1 - Paying For Marketing You Can't Measure

If you pay for marketing you can't'll get poor results.

Because as you'll soon discover, strong marketing is built upon tracking and refining.

And the only way to keep making your marketing better is to be able to track every single click, view, and purchase.

Typical marketing is hope and pray, throw it out there and hope it works....

And even worse....if you use a few types of marketing that are have no idea which one is working or why.

Simply knowing which marketing works and which doesn't can improve ROI of all your marketing.

More on this to come...

❌ BIG Mistake #2 - Paying A Flat Fee For Flat Results

If you pay for marketing with a straight out flat fee, what is the incentive for them to perform?

Because there is no incentive to perform, no incentive to put in the extra time, to test and keep testing....

And the only way to keep making your marketing better is to be incentivize the person getting result for you.

Typical marketing contract have a long term fixed rate, lock in contract that's hard to break....

And even worse....if you start losing money,  you can't get out, you're locked in.

NEWSFLASH - They don't have to be that way

So working with a company that has just a 3 month minimum contract and has a HUGE INCENTIVE to perform MASSIVELY reduces the risk to you....

And there's one more thing you need to avoid......


❌ BIG Mistake #3 - Skipping The Crucial Research And Testing Phase

Good marketing needs good research.

So here's the truth....most ads agencies skip this phase and go straight for short term results.

What's the significance or problem with that?

Good research means better ads, better landing pages, better pre-sales information and far more profit.

Simple things like a 5c higher cost per click can translate into a $100 extra cost per sale...

It sounds small and trivial, but these things can ruin a great business.

Bottom line need someone who spends the time to make you every dollar they can.

And you need to incentivize them to do that.


✅ What Every Business Owner Needs To Know...Today.

We've worked with businesses that have tried and failed with all these approaches.

They just couldn't grow with their previous ads agencies...

They clearly wanted a new agency with new ideas and a new approach

But...they also wanted:

✅ no long term lock in contracts

✅ no flat fees for flat performance

✅ good research and good testing to knwo exactly what works (for the long term)

✅ someone incentivized to get every dollar of profit out of every campaign

So...let's change the way you market and let's grow your profit margins

Drop your details below and let's grow together.

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